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Why Are Indian Students Choosing To Study Abroad More Than Ever?


Why Are Indian Students Choosing To Study Abroad More Than Ever?

Thu Jul 18 2019

India ranks second to China in the list of international student enrolment in colleges and universities across the world. But, despite being home to some of the most renowned educational institutions, why do Indian students have the desire to study abroad? Expert study abroad consultants reveal why more and more Indian students choose to pursue higher education overseas in the guide below.

Every year, thousands of bright students from India leave their home country to fulfil their dreams of studying in foreign universities. Recent reports show that students in India feel that by studying internally they can benefit from greater academic freedom as well as better career opportunities in their subject area.  Moreover, when brilliant students look around the country for a place to study for higher education, they find only a few top-quality programmes.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad helps students stay ahead of their peers who opted to stay at home and study at local colleges and universities. Obtaining degrees from foreign countries gives global recognition which demonstrates that students have not only thrived but also succeeded in an endeavour outside their comfort zone. Another great advantage of studying abroad is that their language skills are sure to improve.

Study Abroad Consultants In Kolkata: 3 Reasons Why Indian Students Are Opting For Overseas Education

1. Ease Of Admission

Admission to the top-ranked institutes of India is highly competitive since lakhs of students pass out of high school every year, limiting the seats available for admission. While it’s true that India is home to some top institutions like IITs, IIMs and AIIMS, the race to secure admission gets more intense depending on the level of study and discipline. Owing to high cut-offs, even the brightest students to give up on their hope of getting admission to reputed institutions.

Additionally, students need to deal with the stress of acing entrance exams like NEET for medical colleges and JEE mains for engineering colleges. As a result, student with no guaranteed admission approach study abroad consultants and seek their advice for overseas education.

2. A Plethora Of Study Options

One of the most common concerns about the education system in India is that its academic institutes focus only on offering popular STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses. Students who want to take the road less travelled want to study abroad only because their desired program isn’t widely available in their home country.

On the other hand, a wide range of courses are available to foreign students in countries like the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Australia. Institutes in such countries offer courses in unconventional and contemporary fields like sports, entertainment, media and psychology.

3. Better Employability Prospects

A degree from a top international university is valued more in the Indian job market than those from local universities. Companies consider foreign exposure a vital factor when making decisions about the applicant to hire. Securing an international degree is even the gateway to employability prospects abroad. Degrees earned overseas even demonstrate to your future employers that you possess a go-getter attitude.

So, don’t you think studying abroad can indeed be beneficial? Seek the valuable advice of study abroad consultants and aspire for a lucrative career!

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