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S Bhadra

Thank you for Visiting our Website,We Honour Your Trust. We Know that you are our Valuable Customer and we will try our level best to ensure that we give you the best service that will be very satisfying for you.

B.S. B international Career Pvt. Ltd i.e. an ISO 9001:2015 Company.The company was formed almost one and a half decade ago. From year 1960 onwards, Common people are taking interest and initiative in migrating from their home country to abroad destinations.

Mostly people are showing interest to migrate from an under-developed country to a developing country for seeking new work opportunities for their Career & professional growth. It’s like a dream for them to travel abroad, but when the time is coming to realize these dreams, mostly youths are facing endless challenges & problems.

With this objective in view, we founded this company, which has greatly helped common people in finding solutions to their problem of how to immigrate abroad.We have been successful in turning their problems into opportunities. This has enabled youth to easily travel abroad for their Higher Education, or for pursuing Hospitality Internship Abroad,  or Migrate Abroad, and explore FDI opportunities along with Visit Visa & Entrepreneurship Visa.

We can confidently say with our experience over the years, that this is not a very easy job, Not for you, Neither for us as well. It’s undoubtedly a very difficult and challenging Industry, mainly because every developed nation and it citizens today is facing unemployment problems.Counties are  taking lot of initiative to address this issue. On the other hand, people from underdeveloped countries are looking for migration in the developing counties. This undoubtedly is a big challenge for you as well as for us.

We believe that shared knowledge and collaborative networking relationships are key drivers of successful growth and development.We are continuing with our efforts in building relations with developed countries.

Our main intention of starting this company, has never been or will be to generate business, but to effectively assist  youths from underdeveloped countries with their future plans ie to successfully migrate to developed countries in a legal way.This is helping  youth to successfully achieve their career goal.We also want to give you a hassle free service & experience.

Please don’t be under the misconception, that if you are paying to us, you are not going to face any challenge in achieving these dreams. If you have the necessary academic qualifications, skills, quality and experience, you will definitely qualify for migration to developed countries. We will create the bridge between you and the host country, so that you can reach your dream destination abroad easily.

When you start the process with us, it will take a minimum of  3 months to 12 months (But again, all depends on immigration Norms of Host Country) for the entire process to complete. It’s very important for you to carefully understand company’s set terms and conditions & Host country Immigration Norms before making the application.

We strongly recommend that if you have enough patience, interest & understanding about the Immigration Industry, then consider of immigrating abroad or else this is not the right option for you.Please don’t think that it’s easy for you to buy the Immigration Service or Visa services with your money.You will get immigration service & visa only with your credentials.

We are living today in the 21st century and are on the brink of a technological revolution that is heavily relying on fresh ideas with the present generation.Through technology, we are creating a new world. With presence of Talent & Innovation today I think nothing is impossible or unachievable.

In our company, we are using the best technology to meet the changing market demands.For that we are giving you the best service, within your reach, no matter wherever you are stationed, in any city or any country.

If you have any query or are looking for services related to abroad migration, please connect with us, we will be happy to help you and will respond back to your queries within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for your patience.We look forward to serve you.

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