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Tanmay Biswas

I am Tanmay Biswas from Kolkata. Before planning to go abroad, I was extremely undecided with my career, but I soon realized that I want to pursue my higher education abroad. With this objective & vision I landed with my query about abroad education opportunities at BSB International.They helped me in selecting the University and with my Visa application and the various documentation and procedures involved in the issuance.With BSB guidance and support I came to UK and now I have got British Citizenship. Initially I completed my higher education in UK, and after completion I have started working in UK. I am now married and have a baby. My dreams have come true as I have bought a house in London and leading a very happy family life. I am well settled in the country.Thank you BSB for everything and for helping me accomplish my goal.You have been a motivation factor behind my successful career.

Bobby Talukdar

I am Bobby Talukdar from Assam. I came to USA for both my children’s higher education.I took BSB International Career Pvt Ltd support for getting admission of my son and daughter in reputed schools in USA. Now both my children have grown up and soon we are getting USA Passport for the entire family.What we have achieved today,is mainly because of BSB International and all credit goes to the company.When we used to live in Assam we were not aware that there’s a company like BSB International giving remarkable service to people living in different cities & states.We were fortunate that once we got to know about BSB International services, we immediately connected with BSB International Career Pvt Ltd and their support and guidance helped us to immigrate to USA easily.

Amishek Kumar Singh

I am Amishek Kumar Singh. I have completed my higher education from Singapore. In the entire process of my journey to Singapore, BSB International has greatly guided me throughout the process.It was their support and guidance, which made it possible for me to travel abroad in Singapore for my higher education.The entire experience has been remarkable and has greatly helped me to shape my career.Higher education from Singapore & an international degree has opened up new array of opportunities in my life.

I can proudly say I have enjoyed every bit of my higher education in Singapore and learned a lot.The abroad experience just changed my life completely and I thank BSB International from the core of my heart for giving me such a life changing experience

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