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What Makes Australia a Popular Destination for Foreign Education?


What Makes Australia a Popular Destination for Foreign Education?

Thu Jul 11 2019

Do you wish to study abroad? Looking for top countries with excellent education systems? Studying abroad in Australia can be a smart decision to advance your career. Wondering why you should choose this ‘island continent’ for studying? Well, the best international education consultant in Kolkata advice that studying in Australia can be the key to a lucrative career.

Sure the UK is cool and the USA has a great lifestyle, but nothing compares to the experience of studying abroad in Australia. Counted among the top countries for international students, Australia is one of the most hugely in-demand destinations for studying abroad. Pleasant atmosphere, clean air and spectacular beaches, the best of natures meet education par excellence here. Moreover, be it hospitality management, medical or arts and humanities, Australia offers great study and work opportunities for every student.

Here’s why you should study in Australia.

5 Reasons Why Australia Is the Best Suited Destination For International Education

1. Global Recognition

Who doesn’t aspire to have a degree which is recognised all across the world? Studying in Australia can help you obtain a degree which helps you establish a bright future not only in your preferred country, but also all over the world. Qualified graduates from Australian universities are highly sought after owing to the enviable reputation that the country’s education system opens the door to attractive opportunities for students to explore horizons globally.

2. World-Class Universities

Australia is home to some of the leading universities in the world. Even when it comes to global ranking systems, Australia boasts of a proven record. Such high is the quality of education that 34 different Australian universities feature in QS World University Rankings by subject in 2019. Universities in Australia are commended on aspects like international student ratio, academic reputation and employer reputation.

3. Great Cultural Diversity

A major reason why more and more students approach expert foreign education consultants for studying in Australia is that it is one of the most culturally diverse nations. Counted as one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, there are people from all throughout the world. This means that you will be able to study with a large number of international students who make university life in Australia very diverse.

4. Scholarships

Australia lays a huge emphasis on imparting quality education. It doesn’t let finances be a hindrance for international students in their pathway to achieving success. Universities in Australia lend a helping hand to students by offering numerous scholarships to the deserving candidates. This helps students acquire high-quality education without worrying about the fees.

5. Affordable Cost Of Living

This is another great benefit of choosing Australia as your study abroad destination. Though Australia’s living standard is amongst the highest all over the world, the tuition fee and living expenses is much more affordable than that of the UK and the USA. What’s more, the privilege of working part-time while studying makes the cost of living quite inexpensive for foreign students.

Time to approach the best education consultants and study abroad in Australia!

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