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Hotel management job in USA offering world class training opportunities to international students and providing wide array of opportunities for internship. Hospitality career giving interns the scope to stay in USA for one year and start a career with a reputed brand in leading five star and seven star hotel property.


  • Official Name: United States of America
  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Population: 318,892,103
  • Area: 9,826,630 Square Kilometers
  • Currency: U.S.Dollar
  • Major Mountain Ranges: Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains
  • Major Rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado
  • Languages: English, Spanish (No Official National Language)

Many a times it happens that internships are underrated and professionals fails to understand the importance and significance of internships abroad. However an Internship in USA for hotel management students can change their career path and provide  them with excellent opportunities to work and live in USA.

USA is the third largest country in the world and is considered a leader across diverse sectors including  business, technology, science, politics, media. On the other hand tourism industry in USA is considered to be one of the largest industries making a total contribution of 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in the year 2015. This is creating endless job opportunity in Hotel industry for interns.

Hospitality Jobs in USA is recognized by world renowned hotels and business organizations. What can be better than opting for a hotel job in USA with the support of a leading and reputed hotel recruitment agencies for about one year, where you can earn up to approximately 1000-2500 US dollars per month and simultaneously gain practical training experience.

We as reputed international hospitality recruitment agencies believe in commitment, service, and transparency and hire the right candidate according to requirements and eligibility. Our philosophy is simple delivering quality service which is prompt and apt for our innumerable list of happy clients.

  • USA offers interns a great learning and work opportunity with an international cultural exchange programme. Moreover USA  as a country is providing annually around 5.5 million jobs to people involved in Hospitality career. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Travel & Tourism Office (NTTO) records, in the year 2015 more or less 77.5 million international visitors traveled to U.S.
  • You can always start your dream career as a trainee in leading Five Star Hotels and then look for better opportunities on the basis of your performance and work commitments in USA. Internship in USA for foreigners can be very enriching as students can become a part of an international network comprising of skilled professionals, which can prove advantageous for  interns specially  for their future.
  • The US as a country has  mix of cultures  which makes it attractive amongst interns  for work & experience. An intern will get opportunity to try out varied cuisines, enjoy international sports, world famous music festivals, & visit  amazing art galleries and museums during their stay inUSA. Hospitality jobs in USA will give you the opportunity to work under the guidance of internationally recognized experienced professionals.
  • The US is at the forefront of scientific and creative innovation which motivates interns to pursue a professional career with hotel jobs in USA. The country greatly creates  opportunities for students to learn as well as earn, as everyone knows that USA is the land of opportunities that offers fair and unique opportunities to everyone who is committed, dedicated and is ready to accept new challenges in USA.
  • An intern will be able to experience the rich tradition & culture and interact with diverse group of people in USA. Interns can undoubtedly experience a westernized life with paid internships abroad. For instance, Interns can get scope to visit the West Coast region which has many beaches, outdoor activities, or enjoy the skyscrapers of New York  or visit the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska to the sunny beaches of California, Hawaii.
  • The USA is a multiracial society that is still absorbing new immigrants, which makes it a very dynamic and exciting place for stay. You can expect handsome stipend through international internship programme to settle in USA while undertaking your work based training with leading 3-7-star Hotel jobs abroad.
We are one of the leading hospitality placement agencies, & we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Immigration Company, (approved by the Government of India). Our networking relation with top notch hotels in USA and our constant hard work in placing interns in leading hotels have helped us in achieving the desired success.

The duration of J-1 Visa greatly depends on the rules established by the particular Visitor Exchange Program. J-1 Visa is usually valid between 6 months to 18 months.

Presently we have multiple Job opportunities in the hotel management domain under J1 visa programme.

Please connect with us to know in details about the internship opportunities as we help interns with hotel recruitment’s from across the globe in various segments like Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.

Jobs in hotel industry usually requires Proficiency and Fluency in English Language

  1. Paid Internships abroad usually allows those students to apply for internships who are pursuing Bachelors in Hotel Management but have not exceeded the age of 29 years.


  1. Candidate applying for International Internships USA can apply provided they have completed Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management or a Diploma in Hotel Management from a university without experience or with Six to 12 months of working experience.


  1. Candidates who are graduate having 5 years’ of experience in the Hotel Industry can apply for internship program in USA.


  1. Experience: Fresher and Experience both can apply for J1 internship. Students pursuing hotel management course have to get No Objection Certificate from their Respective institutions.

According to USA immigration norms, J-1 internship requires a Visa for an intern to travel and the Visa Processing Time usually takes around 3 to 6 months. It greatly varies from one country to the other. All processing periods quoted are estimation only & it’s advisable to apply well in advance from the intended travel date.

We as a reputed hospitality placement agency specialize in the hospitality industry, and have multiple positions to offer that includes Paid work based training & internship in USA.

Specific Areas that have openings includes:

  • F&B Service jobs
  • Housekeeping job
  • Front office Jobs
  • Food production Jobs

We as a leading chef recruitment agency focus on providing the best service to our candidates and exceed expectations. If you want to know in detail about the opportunities in USA please connect with us. We as an overseas recruitment agencies believe in honesty and fairness in our relationships with others.

Internship in USA for international students comes under the Exchange Visitor (J1) non-immigrant visa category, specially for those young graduates, who are willing to undertake work and study based internships programme in USA. The internship in USA is an exchange programme based on J1 visa requirements.

As an reputed hotel and catering recruitment agencies we can provide you with guidance regarding US immigration and can help you with your placements at reputed hotels in USA, specially of your choice. Our hospitality employment agencies provide necessary guidance, orientation in filling out all important forms i.e. DS-2019 form, DS 7002, SEVIS registration and fees, as well as medical insurance. Our expert advisors from time to time provides necessary orientation to interns preparing them for the visa interview in USA.

Visa Type: J-1 Visa for internship

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Internship in USA in hotel management domain will greatly benefit an intern  in the long run as they will get a first hand experience of living in  US.

  • Expected daily remuneration for hotel jobs in USA can approximately come around $8-$16 USD per hour (approximately).
  • Jobs in USA for foreigners can be very rewarding, as interns can  approximately earn around $1200–$1800 USD per month (approximately) which can easily help the candidate to cover the living expenses in USA and save money as well.

As reputed recruitment agencies for hospitality industry, our expert advisors ensures that candidates are placed in top notch 3 to 5-star hotel that offers remuneration which is sufficient enough to cover their monthly expenditure in USA.

Over the years USA has been chosen as one of the most desired destinations amongst intern’s. Interns chosen for Hospitality jobs in USA under J-1 student Visa are allowed to work between 35 to 40 hours per week.

  • The United States is an entrepreneurial powerhouse, and its innovative business culture is one big reason, making the  country a big trendsetter for many industries in the world.Internship in USA for hotel management students will be quite exciting as they will get  opportunity to learn new techniques and work with experienced skilled professionals, who are at the peak of their career.
  • USA welcomes international students wholeheartedly and has the necessary support network. Hospitality career will give an intern the scope to earn  stipend during the Training period, which can greatly help them to meet the living expenses while experiencing best training opportunities in leading five star hotel properties.
  • The J-1 visa will provide a life term opportunity to an intern looking for practical on job training in the U.S. Interns will get an opportunity to witness & enjoy American life & culture while undergoing the internship program. in USA at leading five star hotels that is directly related to their studies.
  • Internship in USA for international students is undoubtedly very exciting as it gives interns a  intercultural experience. J1 internship will greatly benefit interns and it will strengthen intern international network especially with partner companies and will help them in  gaining recognition in leading hotels.

Being one of the reputed and leading hospitality staffing agencies we have hands on experience in identifying, evaluating, and placing the right resource for Internships and can share with you more about the benefits. If you are interested and presently looking for hotel jobs abroad, our expert advisors can present before you with thousand of opportunities that will suit your preference and requirements.

B.S.B International as leading hospitality placement agencies provides end to end support to  client’s regarding their application, specially with scheduling interviews, helping them with the Visa documentation work ,arranging their  flight tickets and post arrival arrangements:

Step 1: Candidate pays the registration fees and registers with B.S.B International (its reputed chef recruitment agency) for the services to start off.

Step 2:Application for internship expects the candidate to submit all necessary documents as per the Documents check list

Step 3:File having all the necessary documents will be sent for assessment to the sponsor for internship in USA.

Step 4:Once the documents are successfully assessed by the Sponsor, our  expert advisors update candidates regarding the interview dates.

Step 5: Candidates receive proper orientation and guidance by our expert advisors before they appear for the sponsor interview.

Step 6: After selection, candidatesreceive the offer letter from the prospective employer authorizing the international internship program

Step 7: Accordingly, they have to submit the accepted and signed copy of the offer letter along with PCC, Bank statement and have to make the necessary payments especially the second installment fees.

Step 8: Once the employer confirms the position then, the candidate will receive DS 7002 and DS 2019 (draft), which the aspirant must accept for internship in USA for hotel management.

Step 9: Once receipt of the final DS 2019, candidate has to apply for the VISA interview and seek appointment from Consulate for interview.

Step 10: Upon successful interview & completion of the formalities, the candidate will be eligible to leave for USA and start their hospitality career

Step 11: Upon receiving the Visa, hospitality staffing agency will help the intern and arrange for their Air-ticket. The candidate is required to fly as per employer’s requirement.

Step 12: Once the candidate reaches the destination country for internship he/she will be provided with proper induction regarding opening of bank account, health insurance, & accommodation arrangements etc.

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