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Why should I opt for MBBS admission abroad?

  • Medical aspirant will able to get an international experience in MCI recognised medical colleges abroad which will add more value to their career.
  • Low tuition fees and living costs will make the multicultural environment more enriching with international learning exposure.
  • Good quality of education at top medical colleges will be an asset for the international student’s career.
  • Students will be able to interact and learn with diverse group of people and cultures which will make them more confident and independent.
  • International oriented programs, safe, friendly environment, affordable cost, are among factors making MBBS abroad as the hub for international education.
  • MBBS admission abroad is economical which makes it easier for International students to realise their dreams of studying abroad.

Can I trust and be rest assured with the quality of education MBBS in foreign countries offer?

  • The quality of education imparted in best medical Universities are at par with the leading Universities of the world and meet essential world education standards. There is no compromise on quality.
  • Mostly leading Universities have license to provide MBBS education and are recognised by their respective Medical Councils and are listed in World Directory of Medical Schools of World Health Organization (WHO).

Why will I Choose BSB International Career Pvt Ltd.

We as overseas medical education consultants believe in assisting students in realizing their dreams of studying medicine abroad.Through our years of experience we have been able to provide transparent services which has given students clarity regarding our work.

  • We have 13 years of experience in the immigration industry as a result of which we have adequate knowledge about the foreign education system and immigration system and we constantly update ourselves with world happenings which help us in guiding students.
  • We provide complete guidance to international students and help them in choosing the best university as per their requirements. We ensure that the academic profiles are matching with the leading medical colleges requirements.
  • We provide transparent advice and information which makes the admission procedure easy and convenient for the students.
  • We help and guide students and provide complete support in choosing the Right medical college and course which helps students in their future career.
  • We assist students in filling the Visa application form and accordingly guide them with the all the documentation work, which makes the visa filling process hassle free for students.

How many countries are available for MBBS opportunities?

We offer MBBS programmes in countries including Russia, UK, Ukraine, Germany, China, Georgia, Hungary, Nepal, Bangladesh ,Philippines. Applications to any of these countries are subjected to eligibility and availability of positions.

What kind of support BSB International Career Pvt Ltd will provide to MBBS aspirants?

  • We provide Counselling and assistance to our candidates and strictly follow the MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines for admission into medical colleges
  • We make it simple and easy for students looking for MBBS courses abroad and guide students in making applications to their desired University.
  • We provide full guidance to the foreign student in order to successfully obtain NOC (No objection Certificate) from Medical council. This helps students to apply for MBBS in foreign countries.
  • We provide complete assistance to overseas students and guide them in registering for MCI exams (happens twice in a year).
  • After completion of their MBBS in overseas countries, we help fellow doctors to sit for MCI exam/test in their home country and assist them to get the registration numbers from MCI. We do provide full guidance in this respect too.

Do you help students with the necessary paperwork?

We help all our prospective clients to successfully complete all the necessary paper work required for admission.

What are the service charges for availing your services at BSB?

We expect and make it sure that students understand the programmes in detail and accordingly we guide them about eligibility. As mbbs abroad consultants we will share with you in details of the Service charges after having a discussion with you. For us our priority is customer satisfaction that makes all the difference.

What are the eligibility criteria for MBBS admission abroad?

Eligibility criteria’s greatly depends from one University to another University. Generally students are required to fulfil the following criteria in order to get admission in MCI recognised medical colleges abroad:

  • International students must have Physics, chemistry & biology in their 12th standard.
  • Foreign students should have attained the age of 17 years
  • A candidate from General category have to secure in aggregate 50%, apart from securing 50% in individual subjects i.e. (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) in their Class 12th.

Do you offer MBBS courses which are recognized by the WHO & MCI?

We guide and assist students in getting admission in leading medical colleges and university which are recognised by WHO & Medical Council of India.The medical degrees are recognised by the Medical Councils of the other countries, as well.

Is there any eligibility requirement for pursuing MBBS?

To study medicine abroad international students have to secure a minimum of 50 percent of marks in subjects such as biology, physics and chemistry for MBBS Admission.

What is the total fee for a MBBS Program?

It completely depends on the type of university you are planning to get enrolled in. It's also country specific. Please connect with Our Overseas medical education consultants, who are committed to the cause of providing right information regarding individual country MBBS course fees

What is the duration of MBBS Courses abroad?

MBBS in foreign countries is usually for 6 years duration especially in Western, European and South East Asian countries, which includes practical training. However the course duration and internship period usually varies depending upon country.

Are Scholarships available for International students?

To study MBBS abroad there are various leading Universities that provides scholarships. Please connect with us to know in detail, as our qualified and experienced team members will give you valuable information regarding scholarships available in each country, & which will help you to build your career in medical science.

Will it be easier to pursue Medical post-graduation abroad?

It’s not very difficult to pursue post graduation after completion of MBBS. PG courses follows English as the medium of Instruction which makes it easy for international students. Mostly medical courses in post graduation level takes around 2-3 years. After post graduation,students need to comply with country guidelines, specially if they are looking for work

What is the medium of instruction in class English or local language?

English is the medium of Instruction followed in most leading Medical Universities. Study MBBS abroad gives opportunity to international Students to learn a foreign language completely free in few countries, where it’s mandatory to learn the local language. This enables them to interact with patients in local Hospitals.Students who learn foreign language fast, find it as an asset in their career

What is MCI Screening Test?

The Medical Council of India has laid down certain rules and regulation for international students willing to practice in India after completion of MBBS abroad.Students are expected to appear for a Screening Test which is mainly arranged to check the eligibility of students in becoming a doctor.Students are expected to secure 50% marks in each paper separately in order to clear the screening test.Successful students passing this test gets registered with the Medical Council of India

Will you help me with my travel arrangements?

To study medicine abroad, BSB international Career Pvt Ltd will help, arrange and prepare your travel plan,and assist you with flight bookings. Moreover we will assist you with your admission formalities.

Will I be able to work while studying?

If an international student has a student visa, Immigration norms usually don’t allow MBBS students to work or seek employment in the county.To study medicine abroad,international students can find the Immigration norms to be stringent and quite strict as they deport students if students fail to comply with the regulations.

Is it safe to pursue MBBS abroad?

Mostly countries where we assist students to get admission are safe. There is law, order and security in place.We make sure that our recommendations assists and guides students and helps students in realizing their dreams of becoming a successful doctor.

Where can I do my Internship?

MBBS abroad provides excellent opportunities to international students.Students can seek for internship opportunities in their colleges itself.Certain Universities allows international students to pursue internship in their native country. Hospitals must be recognised by the Government.

What shall be the total expenditure including Hostel & Food?

It depends from one University to another & is Country specific. Please connect with our MBBS abroad consultants for more details.

How does the Student pay his Tuition & Fees?

To study MBBS abroad, student has to pay the Tuition fees directly to the University on a yearly basis

What will be living expenses involved while pursuing MBBS abroad?

This varies from Country to Country. This depends on the daily expenditure and country standards.Our team members will guide you regarding the approximate living expenses in each country.

How do I get a Visa? Will you be arranging it for me?

Yes we will assist and guide you with the visa application process. Cost of Air-ticket and Insurance are exclusive of our service charges. Our MBBS abroad consultants will assist you and will get it arranged for you. However candidate will have to pay separately for these costs.

What would happen if visa application gets refused by immigration department?

B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t have any power, right to interfere in the work of the immigration departments. Decision regarding visa is completely dependent on Immigration department and their immigration norms and policies. In any given situation if visa application gets refused then, company ensures that candidates get the refund of fees (as per the Refund policies drafted in the agreement).As a reputed MBBS admission consultant, we help candidate to reapply or apply for some other country.

What would be the processing time?

Visa processing time differs one from country to the other and depends on various factors like changes in immigration norms etc.We expect candidate to be patient with their application in case there’s any delay with the visa processing. At times due to unavoidable circumstances there can be situation where there is delay which is beyond our control.

How can I connect and meet with officials from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd?

You may visit us at our nearest office from your home town.We are here at your service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6:30 pm as overseas medical education consultants.Just call us and take an appointment before you visit so that we can sit and talk in detail with you.

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