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Why are Internships in India is important for my career?

  • You will gain valuable knowledge and experience about the Indian culture, people, & industries through exposure visits and cultural tours and will be able to explore India’s rich history.
  • You will get academic credit and your resume will get a boost.
  • Internships in India will give you an opportunity to work with leading industries and learn from industry professionals on a variety of different and often unusual roles.
  • Work with Indian organizations can help you in developing and solving real life challenges.
  • Work experience can enhance your employability in the international market, & can help you to create a global network of contacts.This will greatly help you in developing a deep understanding of the Indian work culture.
  • It will help you to unlock your potential, build your skills.
  • You can learn about intercultural perspectives which will help you to create memories.
  • It can help you to grow an international network & form new and long-lasting friendships with diverse group of people from India.

Why will I Choose BSB International Career Pvt Ltd.

  • We can help you in identifying evaluating, and in understanding global internships that will greatly advance your career.
  • We can offer support and provide guidance as you decide where to go, and connect you with other like-minded individuals for an experience.
  • We work in a way that is ethical.We are committed in providing an exciting environment to our future generations.
  • We can connect you with other interns so you can make lots of new friends.We walk the journey with you of exploring living in India and we will help you to have an amazing experience.
  • We have several internship programme in India and have tie-ups with leading industries that can help you in getting work experience.
  • We give time-bound deliveries and give proper orientation regarding the travel to India.
  • We give complete support with the application process & visa application for the internship programme.
  • We offer flexible starting dates throughout the year for international internships.

What kind of support from BSB International Career Pvt Ltd can I expects as an intern?

Internship placement and supervision

We as an internship placement agency ensure that a foreign intern in India gets a lifelong and a memorable internship experience in India which will enhance an intern’s academic career, and personal development

To ensure this we provide support to an intern in the following ways:

  • We as a provider of internship opportunities in India guide foreign students with accurate information and ensure that guidance is helping interns in choosing their internship programme based on their education.
  • We search suitable organizations and corporate offices on behalf of the intern and arrange their internships as per their interest.
  • We assist interns with the application procedures and our team members ensure that applications have been correctly completed with guidance.
  • We have a team of qualified and efficient team members who understand the needs of an intern and guide accordingly that includes providing complete support to an intern during their stay in India including pre-landing, post landing orientation, identifying the areas of internship, monitoring performance reviews.
  • Indian Internship is undoubtedly a learning experience and we keep students updated about current openings designed specifically for International students.

Pre-departure information kit

  • As a leading Overseas Placement Consultant our clients are our biggest assets hence we believe in providing the best facilities to our interns which facilitates their growth along with the organization.
  • Prior to landing in India, we provide essential and detailed information about India through our information kit and guide them regarding their travel in India
  • The Pre-departure information kit provides updated and comprehensive insight to the various facets of the programme that will benefit the intern while choosing an internship experience in India.

Airport pick-up

We operate with the belief that delivering quality service to our clients will enhance our credibility and reputation in the market. In order to ensure that we provide complete guidance regarding their journey in India that includes post-landing services like airport pick-ups.

The moment a foreign intern lands in India and step out of airport, our representatives welcomes them and accordingly picks them up from the airport.

Interns just need to send their contact details and air ticket through e-mail just one week before their leave their native e country.Our official representatives get in touch with interns accordingly.

On-site orientation and city tour

We have a team of skilled professional and efficient workers who provide necessary support to an foreign intern and guides them with sightseeing attractions in India which are world famous.During the course of their internship we help them to explore the Country of Joy i.e. by arranging city tours on their behalf

We guide, encourage, motivate students throughout their journey in India by giving them an experience to remember.We provide onsite training to intern regarding formal workplace procedures (e.g attendance policies, break times, days off) as well as inform them about the company policies and procedures to interns.We inform them about the local travel, as well as industry standards prior to their journey to India which makes the process simple and hassle free for interns.

Social and cultural activities

As we believe in making the internship in India memorable for our interns we give them opportunities to experience Indian culture, by referring them about a range of social and cultural activities.Our Internship placement services includes organizing educational trips and outings for our interns to Indian Museums, and Historical walks.

Prepaid Indian Sim card

We offer the best internship programme in India as we understand the needs of our intern better as they travel in foreign lands.We provide interns with all kinds of support which enables them to stay connected with their home country, family and friends.We help them by arranging SIM cards for their phones with Indian numbers which makes it easier for international visitors to connect with their well wishers.

Medical and Accident Insurance

We help intern in getting the best overseas health insurance policy and accident insurance coverage. The policies offers the much needed coverage and is quite affordable in dealing with difficult situations.We offer best internship opportunities in India and arrange medical insurance plans which provides emergency medical services.We consider only those insurances, where our interns feel, they are comfortable with the coverage amount.

Visa assistance

Internships in India requires a VISA which is an approval and permission given by Indian Immigration to enter into India.

Our team of experienced overseas consultants has the required expertise and knowledge to guide you through the complex phase of preparing and submitting your visa application.We ensure that we give you a seamless experience in applying for visas for an internship opportunity in India.

Our support and guidance regarding Visas are according to Indian Immigration Norms and are designed to ensure that interns are well prepared with the visa documentation process. Our services include the key aspects of the entire visa process starting from filling up applications, preparing financial statements, guidance for interviews for proper submission of documents and visa application. Our support makes the complicated process of visa application very simple and easy.

We are just a service provider company and are not responsible for granting visas. BSB International Career pvt Ltd can only assist with documentation on behalf of the intern. It is the Embassies / Consulates sole discretion to grant or reject visa to foreign interns.

24/7 emergency support

When traveling to India, our team members advise interns regarding possible medical or security risks that might affect interns.We also provide detailed safety tips which supports our interns during their stay.We are available 24/7 over phone, supporting interns for any kind of emergency that may arise such as sudden illness due to health issues. We give interns emergency contact numbers which helps them during emergency situation and intern’s feels safe within the country.

We provide support services from start to End

Our official representatives will be present round the clock to provide an intern with support and assistance (whenever required) during their stay. We do ensure safety and security of our interns and provide full guidelines of dos and don’ts for interns comfort. If the interns need any help regarding opening their bank account, currency exchange etc we would surely assist them in getting that done in order to give them a memorable international internship experience in India

What kinds of internships are there?

  • We match you with an internship in India based on your academic qualification & working experience.
  • Based on the information in your registration, we focus on matching interns with Indian companies in their desired fields that suit them best.

Are there any specific qualifications for interns?

Generally in order to be matched with an Indian internship, there is certain requirements and eligibility criteria which is industry specific. Please connect with us to know in detail about internship opportunities in India for more information.

Is this internship program open for all nationalities?

This program is open to candidates of all nationalities. However, visa application requirements may vary for applicants from few countries.

When internships typically start?

The start time and lengths of internship programme will vary greatly depending on the company and the program you wish to participate in. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to connect us, to know in detail about the graduate internships.

When can I start searching for an internship?

We can help you find Internships opportunities in India throughout the year. It is important to apply on time, so we have sufficient time to arrange everything.

Will I get paid for Internships?

  • Usually all our internship are unpaid.
  • Please get in touch with us, to know in detail about the global internships.

What will be my internship placement is like?

  • You can gain experience in new work settings, equip yourself with skills and bring a fresh perspective & ideas for the companies.Our partners are committed in providing you with an exciting experience.
  • One of the key things in early stages of career is to build your network with as many diverse group of people as possible.This internship will allow you to connect with diverse group of people.
  • An Indian internship will give you the opportunity to participate in one of the fastest growing economy in the world. India is world’s largest democracy and an internship will give immense opportunity for personal as well as professional development.Mostly companies are venturing into new markets & looking for resources that can help them in strengthening the communication strategies.
  • Mentoring from experienced supervisors and specialists
  • Exposure to a dynamic and fast paced working environment

What qualities usually Companies look in interns.

Companies look for candidates who demonstrate the following:

  • A global outlook
  • Self-motivation and proactive
  • Effective communication,teamwork and leadership skills
  • Adaptable and flexible to change
  • Having interest in international business and culture

How many hours I have to work?

The company at which you are interning will set your work hours, mostly weekly 40 hours

How can I connect and meet with officials from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd?

You may visit or write to us.We are here at your service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6:30 pm in Kolkata as one of the overseas recruitment agencies.

You can write to us in our official email id to know in detail about the international internships.

Will you help me with my travel arrangements?

BSB international Career Pvt Ltd will help, arrange and prepare your travel plan and assist you with flight bookings. Moreover,we will assist you with your internship formalities.

How do I get a Visa? Will you be arranging it for me?

Yes, we will assist and guide you with the visa application process for international internship programme.

We can assist you and get it arranged for you. However candidate will have to pay separately for these costs.

What would happen if visa application gets refused by immigration department?

  • B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t have any power, right to interfere in the work of the immigration departments. Decision regarding visa for internship programme is completely dependent on Indian Immigration department norms and policies.

How long would be the processing time?

  • Visa processing time greatly depends on various factors like immigration norms etc.
  • We expect candidate to be patient with their application for international internships in case there’s any delay with the visa process.
  • At times due to unavoidable circumstances there can be situation where there is delay which is beyond our control.

What would be the duration of visa?

Usually visa duration is given for the total duration of the training.

What are the most essential points to be kept in mind before Departure from your home country to India?

B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd insists our entire intern planning to travel to India do a detailed research about the country that includes weather, currency, lifestyle, culture, food, etc.

Weather:Do check the climate of India and weather details and accordingly carry necessary luggage (especially clothes); refer to for world weather report.

Luggage:As far as Luggage allowance for international flights is concerned usually allowance for checked baggage is between 30– 35 Kgs and one hand baggage of 7 Kgs.

However, clients must read the Free Baggage allowance regulations of the concerned airlines planning to fly with.

Living expenses and fun:It’s advisable to carry at least $2000 USD while traveling to India for all kinds of arrangements. This will make it easy for you as an intern to settle down comfortably in India.

Local Transport:For regular travel in India, it’s advisable to use public/government transport services because it’s nominal, safe and convenient. Once you get used to the local transport, you can avail and choose traveling in private cab services.

Local Map/Guidebook:Do/download/print or buy the local navigation map of India. This would help you in terms of finding important locations in India while traveling alone.

Medicines:It’s important for you to carry all necessary medicines from time to time to India. It’s important to carry doctor’s prescription along with it to avoid any hassles at the Indian immigration counter.

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