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Why Hospitality Education plus internshipis Important for my career?

  • Attractive stipend, High standards of living, adding value to your profile.
  • Scope for Internship at top-ranked three to five-star hotels abroad.
  • Stand out amongst employers with education and hospitality internship programmes, which can open new creative channels for you all over the world.
  • Add an amazing experience to your resume with international work skills in leading abroad destination.
  • You will get a Certificate/Diploma at the end of the Hospitality Education plus internship programme that can greatly advance your career.
  • Opportunity to be a part of international work team having high end host company partners
  • Opportunity to explore abroad culture and boost career in the hospitality industry
  • Exposure to International Work Environment and to a new World of Possibilities in leading hotels
  • Opportunity to Learn & Earn &build a network of professional contacts all over the world
  • Get Free Accommodation and food during the Internship

Why will I Choose BSB International Career Pvt Ltd.

  • We as an overseas recruitment agency can help you in identifying Hospitality education cum internship opportunities, which will bridge the gap between your education and job opportunity and build your Hospitality experience.
  • We can provide you with 100% assistance with Hospitality Education and Internship. We can help you choose the best Hospitality Internship Programme
  • We provide Services which are reliable, affordable within the minimum time frame.
  • Help you with Pre-orientation about the host country,&prepare you to take on the new challenges at the host country
  • Provide expert guidance during each and every step of the entire immigration process
  • We take responsibility of the application, by giving honest advice.
  • We have tie-ups with leading hotels can place and prepare you to work in world recognized international hotels
  • We will give your profile a professional representation amongst leading hotel properties.
  • We offer affordable program fees and flexible starting dates round the year.

What kind of support fromBSB International Career Pvt Ltd can I expectas an intern?

  • Our experienced team members have knowledge in preparing applications for hospitality education plus internships&have extensive knowledge about leading hotels around the world. They can confidentlyguide you regarding the possibilities of jobs in hotel industry
  • Our expert advisors, after receiving your application will be assessing your experience, skills and eligibility to the programme and review your CV to ensure it really highlights your most relevant skills.
  • Our expert advisors will ensure that that all your supporting documents are meeting the necessary standards and requirements for Hospitality education and internship programme.
  • We will network with potential College or employers to find the most appropriate hospitality education and internship programme and schedule your Skype interview with the host college or company.
  • We will help you prepare for the Host company interview training and ensure that you make your best impression with potential employers for hotel jobs abroad.
  • Following successful interview, our team members will continue &guide you through the process of obtaining visa, and ensure you have all documents in order prior to departure.

What kinds of Hospitality education cum internships are available?

  • Our Hospitality Education plus Internship opportunities span across Hospitality sector.We will  match your profile with an education plus internship opportunity abroad,based on your academic qualification in hotel management, country preference and working experience.
  • There are various different types of internships available for you to choose from.No matter whatever type of internship you choose from, you will get opportunity to get real life experience apart from the academic knowledge, which will certainly change your career.

Are the colleges for Hospitality education cum internship programmes certified by Leading Govt Bodies?

Mostly colleges referred by us for a Hospitality education plus internship opportunity have proper certification by the respective Governments for conducting such a programme. Mostly colleges maintain high standards in key areas of management and educational services.

BSB International has strong industry linkages with these colleges and has a strong presence in the hospitality industry.

Do we get trained by Industry Professional?

Mostly mentors are industry professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge and working experience in leading hotels. Mostly mentors provide students with a platform to expand their knowledge by placing theories learned in classrooms to practical use.

What is the curriculum followed in this Hospitality education cum Internship programme.

Mostly we recommend and refer programmes to students that follow a highly relevant and customised curriculum that is relevant to the hospitality industry. At times they provide platform to students to network with top proffesional from hospitality industry.This helps students to build networks and contacts and help them in the long run.This hospitality education cum internship programme helps students to familiarize with hospitality industry practices and trends

Are there any specific qualifications for interns?

If you are looking to participate in an outstanding international internship programme, which has scope for on job training and learning, definitely Hospitality education plus internship programme is the best option for you.

There are certain eligibility criterias which is country specific,inorder to land up a hospitality education cum internship opportunity abroad, which will give you extensive International work exposure.

Please connect with our chef recruitment agency to know in detail about the eligibility criteria.

Is this Hospitality education cum internship program open for all nationalities?

This program is open to candidates of all nationalities. However, visa application requirements may vary for applicants from some countries.

Where can I apply for hospitality education cum internship abroad?

Hospitality education cum Internships can help you get an exciting opportunity to pursue programmes at the location of your dreams. You can apply for education cum Internship opportunity in Singapore, Bahrain, Malaysia, Dubai, & Japan.

BSB charge any consulting Fees?

Our chef recruitment agency encourages interns to first understand their training plan in detail and accordingly provide the requisite information by checking their eligibility for the programme

How much is the programme fee?

Please connect with our international hospitality recruitment agency for more information about the country specific programme fees

As far as consulting Fees concerned B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t charge any fees for counselling. It has been our policy over the years.

Please connect with our overseas recruitment agency for more information about the hospitality education cum internship programmes.

Is it necessary to pay in advance to start with the process?

  • Yes it’s absolutely mandatory to pay in advance for the programme. It’s very important for you to know that you cannot afford to be casual and must have a professional attitude in the international market.
  • If you pay in advance it means that you are serious with your application
  • An employer invests lot of time and energy in selecting the right candidate for the company. We want to make sure that students provided to them by us are serious with their applications.

Is there any chance, I can make payments through my monthly salary.

No you cannot make part payments through your salary.

You should have sufficient funds to prove that you can pay the entire programme cost. We will guide you through the entire process of step by step payments.

Who would take the guarantee for my payments?

We are running as leading ISO 9001:2015 organizations for the last 14 years and our company is registered under corporate affairs Govt of India.

We are committed to give quality services to our clients. We don’t play with student’s career and their money. We believe in shaping a great future for yourself and are we are very careful with your career.

When you’re making payments, we will give you proper invoice as well as proper service agreement with stamp papers. That will give you detailed information about the payments. So if you consider at any point, that something is wrong, you can seek legal help as per the agreement.

Please connect with our hotel recruitment agencies. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding payments. We can proudly say we are different from others, as money is secondary to us and primary is your Career for us.

Will it be worth to opt for Hospitality education cum Internships programme?

It will be really worth for you to opt for this programme, as it will allow you to undergo tremendous professional growth and give an opportunity to demonstrate to future employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry.

Once you have registered with us we will explain to youthe options, roles and locations in details, and will ensure you have a good understanding of about the education cum internship opportunities abroad.

Our objective is to place candidates for the right Hospitality education cum internship opportunity. Leading hotels puts great emphasis on selecting the right candidate, who has the perfect skills & attitude for the programme.

When Hospitality educations cum internships usually start?

The start time and lengths of education cum internship opportunities will vary greatly depending on the leading college and the program you wish to participate in.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to connect with our recruitment agencies for hospitality industry, for more information.

When can I start searching for a hospitality education cum internship?

We can help you find hospitality education cum internship programmes throughout the year. It’s important to apply on time, so we have ample time to arrange everything.

When I do internship what kind of accommodation I will get from my host company

as per host company accommodation host company will offer you and you must accept. Mostly Host company have for all intern sharing PG. it will be normal accommodation. accommodation will not be in hotel normally accommodation will be far way from hotel and you must accept.

Can Hospitality Internships guarantee me a position when I apply?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee with your application. Our objective is to provide you with a suitable hospitality education cum internship opportunity abroad including scheduling an interview with the host company for the candidate.
  • The final decision about offering you a hospitality education cum internship position abroad completely will rests with the leading College or hotel properties. We do our ultimate best to find you an opportunity. That can change your career.

Will I get paid for Internships?

  • We can take you to a new area of hospitality education cum internships opportunities abroad, where you will have endless training opportunities waiting just for you&can work with reputed brands and simultaneously earn stipend.
  • You will be entitled to get stipend, only after completing your grooming session and study classes. Stipend amount will greatly depend on the leading hotels, duration of the internship and will be country specific. Usually  all our education cum internship opportunities are paid.
  • As a Hospitality intern,you will become part of a growing and competitive industry & can earn a handsome stipend.At times stipend includes free food and accommodation from Host Company.
Please get in touch with our hotel and catering recruitment agencies for more information.

Which Hotels will I work for during internship?

  • We believe in quality service and not quantity and we are here only to bring opportunities for you.BSB International arranges international internships programme with host companies across Hospitality industry.
  • As of now, there are plenty of Hospitality education cum internship opportunities and openings in different departments of hotel management which will greatly depend on your performance
  • You can be placed after the completion of your study classes and grooming sessions in leading 3 star hotel properties to 7 star hotel properties.

What will be my Hospitality education cum internship placement is like?

  • Pursuing an Education cum Internship opportunity can prove to be one of the best decisions in your life, as you will get scope to enjoy high living standards, good education standards, practical training, experienced professionals, world-class comfort luxury, &a chance to gain international exposure and insight into the hospitality industry.
  • You will get opportunity to work side-by-side with top culinary and hospitality professionals in some of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

How many hours I have to work during of my internship?

It greatly depends from one company to another. Typically, participants work on an average for notless than 12 hours per day. Leading Hotel properties where you will be placed, will set your work hours.

Will I get a full time job after completion of Hospitality education cum Internship?

It depends from one country to the. Usually all our students completing Hospitality education cum internship opportunity are well recognized by the potential employers for their qualifications, expertise and knowledge. The objective of our hospitality education cum internship opportunity is to increase the market value of the students through the programme. Till date we can say that all our students have an excellent job placement track record in abroad.

How much Funds needs to be shown in the Bank account?

Candidates have to give evidence that they have sufficient funds in their bank accounts for payments, before they start with their process of application for hospitality education cum internship programme.

Please connect with our Hotel recruitment agencies,as we will be able to guide you in detail about the programme.

How can I connect and meet with officials from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd?

You may visit us at our nearest office from your home town. We are here at your service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6:30 pm as we are one of the overseas recruitment agencies.

Just call us and take an appointment before you visit so that we can sit and talk in detail with you.

Will you help me with my travel arrangements?

for Hospitality education plus internship opportunities,BSB international Career Pvt Ltd will arrange and prepare your travel plan and assist you with flight bookings. Moreover, we will assist you incompleting all the travel formalities.

How do I get a Visa? Will you be arranging it for me?

Yes, we will guide you throughout visa application process for Hospitalityeducation cum internship programme.We will provide end to end Visa guidance including assisting clients with the visa documentation work, getting an appointment with Embassy, checking eligibility, applying for the visa, keeping the client updated about the status related to Visa.

Cost of Air-ticket and Insurance are exclusive of our service charges.

Our hospitality placement agencies can get it arranged for you. However candiates will have to pay separately for these costs.

What would happen if visa application gets refused by immigration department?

  • S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t have any power, right to interfere in the work of the immigration departments. Decision regarding visa for Hospitality education plus internship opportunities is completely dependent on country specific Immigration rules and regulations.
  • In any given situation, your visa application gets refused then, company will ensure that candidates get refund of fees (as per the Refund policies drafted in the agreement).As a reputed hospitality staffing agency, we will help candidates to reapply or apply for some other country.

What would be the processing time?

  • Different countries have different rules regarding procurement of visa and its process and depend on various factors like changing immigration norms etc.
  • We expect candidate to be patient with their application, in case if there’s any delay with the visa process as situation can arise where there is delay with the visa process which is beyond our control.

What would be the duration of visa?

Usually visa duration is given for the total duration of the training.

Is Visa extension possible?

In some countries interns can apply for work permit, after completion of their training but, it greatly depends on factors like country immigration norms, types of training plan, and employer etc.

What are the most essential points to be kept in mind before Departure from home country to the destination country?

B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd insists our entire intern planning to intern abroad, to do a detailed research about the destination countries that includes weather, currency, lifestyle, culture, food, etc.

Weather: Do check the climate of the region and weather details and accordingly carry necessary luggage (especially clothes); refer to for world weather report.

Luggage: As far as Luggage allowance for international flights is concerned usually allowance for checked baggage is between 30– 35 Kgs and one hand baggage of 7 Kgs.

However, clients must read the Free Baggage allowance regulations of the concerned airlines planning to fly with.

Living expenses and fun: It’s advisable to carry at least $2000 USD when travelling to the destination country for all kinds of arrangements, including currency of the country which will help to live in the country for12 months. This will make it easy for our clients to settle down comfortably.

Local Transport: For regular travel in the destination country, it’s advisable to use public/government transport services because it’s nominal, safe and convenient. Once you get used to the local transport, students can avail and choose travelling in private cab services.

Local Map/Guidebook: Do/download/print or buy the local navigation map of the destination city where the client is going to live for higher studies. This would help clients in terms of finding important locations while travelling alone.

Medicines: It’s important to carry necessary medicines from time to time. It’s important to carry doctor’s prescription along with it to avoid any hassles at the immigration counter.

What services can I expect from BSB after landing in the destination country?

  • We will assist interns with airport pick-up in the host country if required
  • We can assist students with accommodation arrangements if required
  • We can assist students with medical insurance if required.
  • We can provide assistance to you for opening a bank account.
  • We can assist interns applying for work-permit and PR after completion of internship, if required.

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