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B.S. B. International has always strived to secure the future of all our students who seek our guidance to study abroad.We are connected to a large network of international students presently studying in leading Universities/College throughout the world.

Over the years our expertise, experience and knowledge in the immigration industry have guided us successfully in finding the best possible opportunity for all our international students, after understanding their specific requirements.

This is the reason why we never disconnect ourselves with our successful and happy clients arriving at their dream destination with our help and guidance.Keeping this in mind B.S.B. International provides exclusive services to all its registered clients which follows a process.

  • Once a client visits our office, we conduct free counselling session with counsellor, which helps our clients to make the right career choices as per their interests.
  • Accordingly we sort out 5 Universities/Colleges based on their preference for abroad education.
  • We mutually agree on 2-3 Universities/Colleges for application.Our transparent and flexible services helps our clients in understanding the University/College requirements clearly according to country immigration norms
  • We help our clients to get a clear picture about the process which makes it easy for international students to make the right choice and take informed decisions within the University/College while planning to study abroad.
  • Our Study Abroad Consultants starts with the process of filling the application form for the concerned University/College and the actual work starts off.


  • Our abroad education consultants guide our clients and help them with their applications made to different Universities/Colleges.Within 30- 35 days from the date of application, our clients receives unconditional offer letter from the concerned University/College.
  • Once the student agrees with the relevant conditions,our foreign education consultants assist our clients in paying off their tuition fee which is in favour of the concerned University/College.
  • We assist students with guidance and assistance regarding bank loans in case if it’s required.
  • Our best study abroad consultants in India can help you in sitting for tests like TOEFL, IELTS along with GRE, GMAT and in-house training, which are provided by our expert faculties.
  • Our study abroad consultants gives necessary guidance regarding visa application and assists clients in preparing the necessary documents required for issuance of visa and forwards the relevant documents to Visa Office on behalf of the students.
  • Once the Student receives Visa, our international education consultants provides Pre-departure briefing and orientation to each and every student travelling to different countries.
  • We assist with air-tickets to study abroad.


  • Our top 10 educational consultants in India assist our students with airport pick-up from their destination country.(If required).
  • We assist our esteemed students with accommodation arrangements if required.
  • Our best education consultants in India assist students in getting medical insurance if required.
  • Our global education consultants assist students with relevant information about part-time jobs.
  • Being considered in the top list of overseas education consultants in India we provide assistance to clients regarding for opening of bank account.
  • We assist our clients in getting International driving license.
  • We assist our clients in applying for work-permit post studies, if required.

Hence, if you are already planning to make the most of this golden opportunity and willing to transform your career with the best possible opportunity please visit our office BSB International Career Pvt Ltd.

We cordially invite you to get in touch with us at the earliest.We hope that in this journey of desire, we will be able to give you wings that will enable you to fly high and transform your long cherished dream into a reality.


Not confident where to start on your quest for Top Universities.Undoubtedly you are at the right place.BSB International can help you take the right decision and guide you in the direction towards your dream education.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that might better help you to choose us as your Study Abroad Consultants and discover the mysterious secret of opportunities to study abroad.Wishing you good luck.

Why study abroad?

Study abroad programs are becoming very popular day by day. For most international students, the appeal is likely to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, experiencing immersion in a new culture (and often a second language),gaining a global mindset and expanding future employment prospects.

  • You will be able to travel and experience it with your own eyes
  • You will be able to experience and embrace a new culture
  • You will be able to make new friends from different corners of the world
  • You will be able to learn a new foreign language
  • You will be able to enhance your career opportunities
  • You will be able to expand your views beyond borders
  • You will get an opportunity to be totally independent
  • You will be able to gain independence which will boost your self-confidence

Where can I study abroad?

Travelling abroad is a very exciting challenge,that leads to different career opportunities and gives a broader understanding of the world and the way it works.

The experiences you go through will greatly be depended on where you choose to go and live.It’s vital to make sure that you choose the destination considering your own personal interests as well as the country’s reputation academically in the world market,in order to keep a healthy balance.

Our overseas education consultants in India provides support and guidance to all our esteemed students applying for Universities/Colleges across the globe that includes;Australia, UK,Spain,USA,Ukraine,South Korea,South Africa,New Zealand, Mauritius, Malta, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Latvia, Germany and many more.

Whatever be your interests or choice stay assured, BSB International will make sure to match them up with your interest areas and study abroad destination.We want to give international students an International exposure.

Is part time work allowed under Study/Student visa?

Working Part time is allowed in majority of countries where students can work up to 20 hours per week (after classes are over) and can also work full time for up to 40 hours during the vacations and holidays.

These rules are followed in most of the countries. However there are few countries where there are certain restrictions over part time work. You would get specific information at the time of application. Its important to know the rules and regulations and your rights to be a part time worker before you choose. Our international education consultants will be able to guide you.

What would be the course fees?

Course fees cannot be discussed or stated in general. It is very much specific to the course, university and country of application.You can get in touch with our Global Education consultants,who are experts and experienced counsellors, and can give you details about the course fees.

Will Hostel facility (Meals and Accommodation) be provided by the university?

Students planning to study abroad usually have the choice of choosing their accommodation. In such a situation they will be in a position to make a choice to live in either in-campus hostels OR out of campus student hostels at nominal cost.

Whether in-campus or local hostels; meals are prepared at common kitchen and served to all students after payment of a monthly fee. In some universities hostel fees are included in the total fees paid by the students.

What are the service charges for consulting a Study Abroad Consultant for student visa?

Our abroad education consultant encourages clients to first understand their courses in detail and accordingly provide the requisite information by checking their eligibility for the course. As far as Service Charges are concerned B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t charge any fees for counseling. It has been our policy over the years.

What will be entry requirements to be accepted into a course?

Eligibility criteria differs from one country to another. Each and Every University/College has its own set of eligibility criteria’s. Mostly countries requires English language and entrance test requirements,& relevant work experience,with minimum academic requirements etc.In general following are the standard eligibility criteria for application

For Masters Degree:

  • Students must have Bachelors Degree/or at least 3 years diploma.
  • Should have at least 50% marks that will give an additional value to the profile.
  • Any work experience will be an added advantage.
  • Should be able to communicate fluently in English.
  • Should have a valid Passport with minimum validity of 6 months.

For Bachelors Degree:

  • International students must have passed Higher Secondary examination /12th Standard.
  • Should have at least 50% marks that will give additional value to the profile.
  • Should be able to communicate well in English.
  • Should have a valid Passport with minimum validity of 6 months.

Note: The following criteria’s are basic eligibility criteria to study abroad, there could be more requirements depending on Course type, country, immigration norms etc.

Our overseas education consultant in India confidently can help you identify and choose relevant programs as per your profile and experience.

Will IELTS, TOEFL, GRE GMAT, SAT coaching will be provided?

B.S.B International provides assistance for preparation and coaching of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE GMAT, and SAT.More details will be provided during counselling seasons by our study abroad consultants.

Our global educational consultants gives guidance and provide assistance to students towards realising their dream.Extensive knowledge and expertise, of our team members helps in bringing out the best from our clients in every respect.

Can I choose the University/college as per my own wish?

International students have to be eligible in order to apply to any specific university/College.Our abroad Education consultants will check your profile and suggest 5-6 Universities/College that suits your profile and budget.However,we do not guarantee admission in any specific University/College.

It would depend largely on factors like; eligibility, tuition fees, availability of seats, intake, immigration norms of the destination country and visa. Hence, we will recommend that, candidate must be flexible enough with their options and should not be rigid about any specific choice of University/College.

How would be the academic environment?

You must be ready to study in an highly competitive environment along with best students. Academic environment would require utmost punctuality, dedication, discipline and goal oriented approach for students planning to travel abroad.

You must be mentally prepared to cope up in this kind of competitive environment.

What is the right time for submitting an application to the University/College and the how long does it take to process.

  • Every foreign University/College has their own intakes and college policies during a year.Some have two intakes while others may have three or only one or a rolling intake during the academic year.
  • Universities more or less in a particular country follow the same intake.Hence,it’s advisable to start off with the process for admission at least one year in advance for the course
  • In some cases international students begins the process 3-4 months in advance as well. January-February, June-July and September-October.It usually takes 4-5 months to complete the entire process of admission and visa application. Visa processing and result are subjected to immigration department’s norms and polices.

Is it necessary to learn a foreign language?

Though English is universal;most foreign universities offer courses in English.However, we would highly recommend that, candidates travelling to non-English speaking countries must learn some basics of the local language at least (Level 1/A) for countries like; Germany,Denmark,China, Brazil,Japan etc

It would not only help them in daily life to study abroad but, it will also give them an additional advantage at the time of placements.

How much Fund needs to be shown in the Bank account?

Usually, clients have to show that they have funds to sponsor their course and living expenses which is equivalent to at least 12 months of living expenses.

However,it may be more or less as per immigration rules and requirements. Our foreign education Consultants will be able to guide you. (You must have funds available as per immigration norms)

What kind of Scholarships available for studying abroad

Scholarships are totally dependent on the individual's academics and scores but some of them are specific to certain majors, or countries or studies.

You can check the University website for details regarding the scholarship opportunities available.We also assist and guide International Students about scholarships offered by leading Universities.

Will it be difficult to get student visas?

We can say it’s really not difficult to get a visa. If you are facing any difficulty in applying,then the best option will be to seek help from our best education consultants in India who will be in a position to help you out.

Most of our students having proper documentation including a confirmed offer letter from the University/College, with evidence of sufficient financial funds to cover the living expenses, are issued student visas.

The High Commission of each and every country has some set of visa requirements, which has to be followed strictly. As long as the International student fulfils the requirements clearly,applications are processed on time.

Do you help with the Visa process?

We help students in preparing the file as per Visa specifications and guide them on the process of meeting those requirements.

The Visa application form is available from the Consulate.Alternatively you can consult our abroad education Consultant at BSB International for an appointment with the Visa consulates.

Proper guidance and clear understanding of the required financial documents are the most important things for visa documentation process

What would be the duration of visa?

Usually visa duration is given for the total duration of the course.

Is extension possible?

In some countries clients can apply for work permit after completion of their course but, it greatly depends on various factors like immigration norms, types of course, institutes/universities, your university performance records etc.

What questions will they ask during the Visa interview?

  • Relax,there is absolutely no need to be nervous about the Student Visa Interview.The people at the counter look for confident energetic candidates planning to join leading Universities/Colleges across the globe.
  • Being fully prepared and planning ahead never leads to visa rejection.Its important to check that you have you all relevant documents as per guidelines of Visa application.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that while you are speaking with your interviewer, you are completely confident and have a calm attitude.The best way to be confident is to prepare in advance of the interview.
  • It’s important to think about the probable questions you can be asked and practice it accordingly.Practicing your speaking abilities will increase your confidence.Being confident will prove that you are confident of attending the interview and are dedicated to your goal of completing higher education abroad.
  • If you have all the necessary relevant documents,you will undoubtedly have a successful interview that will go very smoothly. You should be prepared to answer all types of questions about your programme, and the questions usually asked varies a lot, and can be about your qualifications, and your plans after finishing studies.
  • We help you with the entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more.
  • We provide a comprehensive guidance that includes mock interviews to help our students to get the results they desire.

Here are some of the common questions asked to our aspiring students.

  • Why are you planning to study abroad
  • Share about the details of your course
  • What are your plans when you return home after the completion of the studies?
  • Do You Enjoy Any Scholarship

However,you should be thoroughly prepared for the questions.Our international education consultants will help and orient clients regarding the visa process by conducting mock interviews.

What would happen if visa application gets refused by an immigration department?

  • B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t have any right to interfere in immigration department’s work especially with Study abroad candidates. Results of visa application is subjected to immigration norms and policies.
  • However, if any visa application gets refused then refund of the tuition fees will be done considering the policies and procedures of the concerned university/college.
  • Candidates shall directly pay the tuition fees to the official account of the university/college.Candidates must contact concerned department or person of the university/college to discuss all necessary terms and conditions of the university and should make a note of the refund policies.
  • B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd as global education consultants will not be responsible or liable for any universities/college refund polices.

Who will arrange air-ticket, visa fees and insurance?

Cost of Air-ticket and Insurance are exclusive of our service charges. Our Best abroad Education consultant will assist you and will get it arranged for you. However candidate will have to pay separately for these costs.

What possible issues/concerns a candidate may face after landing?

It is obvious that college/University usually provide assistance to students but usually students face various issues like; Jetlag problem, in getting used to the climate, food habits and new culture etc.

It is important and essential for our students to understand and read carefully the facts about the destination country.Proper mental preparation of studying abroad, positive attitude towards adapting with a new situation, confidence will be very important for students to sustain in the long run.

Our students should be flexible enough to accept new challenges while planning to continue with the education.

How will the study programme aboard enhance my employability after I complete the course.

International companies and employers increasingly are always looking for foreign graduates who have international experience.Cross-cultural communication skills, the ability to adapt to new situations, confidence to carry out work are essential requirements for employers looking for candidates for recruitment.

If you have them all, your chances of getting a job is very high and your experience will enhance your employability.

How can I meet with officials from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd?

You may visit us at our nearest office from your home town.We are here at your service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6:30 pm as Best Study Consultants in India.Just call us and take an appointment before you visit so that we can sit and talk in detail with you.

What will the Study Abroad Consultant do?

Our abroad education consultants are extremely experienced and knowledgeable having extensive experience in preparing applications for Universities/Colleges.

They know what is required for a successful application,and ensure that supporting documents are meeting the necessary standards and University/College requirements.They are also familiar with the universities/colleges around the world, so they give you recommendations and good advice regarding the possibilities of studying abroad.

What are the most essential points to be kept in mind before Departure from home country to the destination country?

B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd insists all our students planning to study abroad, to do a detailed research about the destination countries that includes weather,currency, lifestyle, culture, food, etc.

Weather:Do check the climate of the region and weather details and accordingly carry necessary luggage (especially clothes); refer to for world weather report.

Luggage:As far as Luggage allowance for international flights is concerned usually allowance for checked baggage is between 30– 35 Kgs and one hand baggage of 7 Kgs.

However, clients must read the Free Baggage allowance regulations of the concerned airlines planning to fly with.

Living expenses and fun:It’s advisable to carry at least $2000 USD when travelling to the destination country for all kinds of arrangements, including currency of the country which will help to live in the country for12 months. This will make it easy for our clients to settle down comfortably.

Local Transport: For regular travel in the destination country, it’s advisable to use public/government transport services because it’s nominal,safe and convenient.Once you get used to the local transport, students can avail and choose travelling in private cab services.

Local Map/Guidebook:: Do/download/print or buy the local navigation map of the destination city where the client is going to live for higher studies.This would help clients in terms of finding important locations while travelling alone.

Medicines: It’s important to carry necessary medicines from time to time.It’s important to carry doctor’s prescription along with it to avoid any hassles at the immigration counter.

Do’s and Don’ts (for initial 3 months at least)

Clients need to understand the importance of creating a positive impression in front of the faculties, students and university/college staff as its imperative in order to make a mark.

Hence, it is highly advisable that during the first three months; not to waste much time in leisure activities like; sightseeing, clubbing, taking leaves etc.Clients must remain disciplined, dedicated towards their classes and assignments and should follow the instructions of Universities/colleges and try to perform well with good marks in all the tests/exams.

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