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Why choose BSB International?

  • We provide Fast and Reliable service
  • Every Client to us is unique and every application submitted by clients are tediously researched
  • We give the best guidance to candidates by understanding their requirements and by properly analyzing their academic background, and work experience.
  • We maintain transparency with our services
  • We provide quality driven services to clients and personalised guidance.
  • We have extensive knowledge about the immigration industry and our expertise will help you to successfully migrate abroad.

What kind of services BSB International provides for Immigration Services?

  • We will properly assess the eligibility requirements for Country immigration
  • We help in determining the immigration category
  • We help in preparing and submission of the application
  • We provide orientation and prepare the client for personal interview
  • We do a proper follow up on the application
  • We help clients with their Immigration queries

Which are the countries that I can migrate to?

Answer-Our immigration consultants can provide you support and assistance and help you migrate across countries that includes Australia, South Africa, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Hongkong, New Zealandand many more.Whatever is your interests or choice just be assured that BSB International will give their best shot to match them up with your choice of country for immigration and will give you a scope to get International Experience

What are the service charges for consulting an Immigration consultant for specific country immigration?

Answer-Our immigration consultants in India first ensures that candidates understand the immigration procedure in detail and accordingly we provide the requisite information to the candidate by checking their eligibility for the country immigration.As far as Service Charges are concerned B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd doesn’t charge any fees for counseling. It has been our policy over the years

Do BSB International help with Visa application?

Answer-After the application is duly filled in, along with all supporting documents, visa application is submitted by our migration lawyer on behalf of the candidate.

How long will it take to process my application?

For overseas migration, Visa Processing times are very difficult for anyone to predict.It greatly depends on the application submitted and the number of applications being processed from time to time.

What is the role of BSB International after visa application is submitted?

Answer-Being in the list of top immigration consultants in India, we regularly follow up with the candidate.Once visa application is submitted,we regularly keep in touch in with the candidate, and keep them informed about the status.

Do you support candidates before they fly to the host country?

Answer-Being one of the best immigration consultants in India,we provide complete guidance, and assistance to candidates regarding purchase of Insurance, currency exchange, and with other preparations required before departure etc

Do you support migrants families?

Answer-Any candidate accompanied by his/her family will receive assistance from our end.We can help find good educational opportunities for migrants children and also assist in searching for employment opportunities for spouse.

Do your team mates have adequate knowledge?

We have the best immigration consultants in India who have wide and extensive experience about immigration issues.They know what is required for a successful immigration application, and can ensure that your supporting documents are up to the necessary standard and meeting the requirements.

How can I connect and meet with officials from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd?

You may visit us at our nearest office from your home town.We are here at your service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6:30 pm as we are one of the top immigration consultants in India.Just call us and take an appointment before you visit so that we can sit and talk in detail with you.

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