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S Bhadra

Thank you so much for visiting our Website.We warmly welcome you to join our well reputed & esteemed Company .Our mission for the last 14 years has always been to give our esteemed clients who are students and young professionals, an enriching and exciting experience abroad with life changing opportunities. To carry on with our tradition & work of delivering great customer service, we need more committed Human Resources for our organization.

Please remember and keep few things in your mind before applying for a job in our company.As per B.S.B International experience of working in the immigration industry, we have realized that in present day scenario 95 percent of Human Resource Professionals seeking a career path in Sales & marketing don’t match BSB working standards, expectations and requirements.So if you think you belong to the remaining 5 percent, you can definitely think of applying, joining, & working for B.S.B.

All our jobs are 100 percent target based jobs, so if you’re afraid of meeting targets, then you are definitely not the right candidate for our company.We need extremely reliable, dedicated,  &  responsible human resources who are not only hardworking but also performers.

If you are a confident performer, then you can expect 5 times more than what you are presently earning in a month. But if you are not a performer, then you cannot sustain in B.S.B even for a month.

We respect & celebrate all religious festivals within the Organization. Our mission is to create a great organisation where employees can explore their passion, & nurture and cultivate their marketing skills.We believe in equal opportunities for all our employees and strictly follow a no discrimination policy, when it comes to recruitment’s.

We seek professionals who perceives work differently, who find opportunity where others don’t, who look for challenges and know that with the right attitude they can become top performer within the company. We offer ample opportunities and if that sounds appealing to you, check out our openings.

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