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Important Information For Our Esteemed Clients

B.S.B International Career Pvt. Ltd.
8 Camac Street, Shantiniketan Building,
10th Floor, Room No 13, Kolkata- 700 017


1. That I have collected all the information of BSB Information Pvt. Ltd. from their website and after proper verification I have approached to BSB Information Pvt. Ltd. to avail their service and after verified all my papers submitted by me to them they have agreed to provide me services.

and BSB Information Pvt. Ltd. have entered into an agreement which has been made by BSB International Career Pvt. Ltd. and all terms & condition mentioned in the said Agreement has been read by me and I have understood the contents of the same and which will be binding upon me and BSB International Career Pvt. Ltd.

3. That after carefully read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and fully and after understand, realize and accept the following practices agreeing to BSB’s services I have signed all the documents with B.S.B International Career Pvt. Ltd.

4. That I am also submitting that no undue influence has been used upon me nor I have been pressurised any kind by the management or officials of BSB International Pvt. Ltd.

5. That I am ready to obey all the terms and conditions and in future if anything goes wrong then I will be solely responsible for all the consequences and neither blame the BSB International Pvt. Ltd. nor claim any damages/penalty/compensation as I have completely gone through all the terms and conditions and understand everything written therein.

6. That the statements made above are true to my best of my knowledge, belief and information and I have understood the same.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

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