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Corporate Social Responsibilities



    Within Promoting Education our focus will be particularly on

  • 1 Disadvantaged young people particularly at primary and secondary education levels
  • 2 Educating the underprivileged children, emphasising on learning accomplishment.
  • We are always willing to work and partner actively with organisations for such undertakings.

    If you want to submit proposals, please contact us regarding our CSR activities.

  • 1 Since the year of incorporation 2005, BSB International Career Pvt Ltd firmly believes in the principles of delivering quality and transparent services, which is reflected in all areas of the company’s activities including dealing with clients, business partners.
  • 2 With strong roots in the immigration industry for the last 13 years,we constantly work hard to deliver excellent customer service in order to give a memorable customer experience.We take lot of initiatives to improve our services and great feedbacks finally leads to client satisfaction.
  • 3 We believe that we are deeply connected with the society and it’s our social duty and responsibility to understand the problems of the communities and support initiatives that brings changes for betterment of society.
  • 4 With this objective in view, BSB International Career Pvt Ltd is committed towards making CSR a key business process for the organization.

Core Belief with CSR

  • 1 The company is firmly committed in its core values of maintaining transparency, integrity, in building trust and intends to coordinate and manage business responsibly in a way that it creates a positive impact on the community.
  • 2 Company realizes that only by working hand in hand with the community for its sustainable development, can make the company more stronger.A successful business can only reach its objectives by taking part in social building activities.

Problems encountered related to education

Education is considered to be one of the fundamental right of every children and the backbone of every country in this world.Still receiving quality education with good teachers and infrastructure has become a dream for many underprivileged children.

  • 1 In India around 33 million children are employed in various forms of child labour.
  • 2 According to a survey conducted in the year 2018, 50% of Indian children in India aged 6-18 still do not go to school.
  • 1 According to the 7th All India Education Survey, 2002, 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.
  • 2 According to data put out by the Ministry of Human Resource Development the school dropout rate at the primary level was 4.34 per cent in 2014-15, and higher at the secondary level, with 17.86 per cent.

Focus areas

  • 1 In this situation BSB International Career Pvt Ltd believes that each and every child is unique has enormous potential.
  • 2 It’s the fundamental right of each and every children to receive quality education and considers it as a priority area for its CSR activities.
  • 3 In realizing this objective BSB International is planning to launch multiple initiatives to support the education of the underprivileged children so that they can effectively contribute for the sustainable development of the nation.
  • 4 The key focus areas for Corporate Social Responsibility at BSB International Career Pvt Ltd will be promoting quality academic education among deserving, vulnerable and meritorious students.
  • 5 Activities will be mainly focussed to empower children with quality education.
  • 6 Company will collaborate with communities and leading Non Government organization to bring about the change.

Company principles to be followed

  • 1 Programmes must run with good governance and sound management
  • 2 It must address the educational needs of underprivileged children.

Philosophy and Objectives

  • 1 To engage and work actively exclusively in areas of promoting education for marginalized population.
  • 2 To make quality education accessible for marginalised children at the grassroots
  • 3 To support meritorious children from socially disadvantaged groups and institutions in the field of education

Within Promoting Education our focus will be particularly on

  • 1 Disadvantaged young people particularly at primary and secondary education levels
  • 2 Education of underprivileged children with an emphasis on learning achievement.

Activities that will be supported

With this objective, plans to initiate a Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 1 Supporting the primary and secondary education of underprivileged children.
  • 2 Support students for future educational endeavours with Merit scholarships.
  • 3 Contributing uniforms, textbooks and classroom equipment giving classroom support
  • 4 Undertaking school building construction

Get in touch

  • 1 We look forward to actively partnering with organizations in such initiatives.
  • 2 We welcome proposals from non government organizations who want to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.
  • 3 If you wish to submit proposals, please get in touch with us with regard to CSR activities.

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