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  • BSB International objective has always been to improve the well-being of employee’s lives through activities that will support positive lifestyle change and bring more employee productivity.
  • Many of the employee’s lifestyle revolves around ideas of wellness, both physical and mental. Encouraging Wellness programs are becoming very important towards healthy living.
  • At BSB International, promoting & supporting employees wellness, & health is considered to be very important.Company encourages top performers in Green Zone to live an active lifestyle and make good health choices & encourages employees to stay inspired to do things differently.
  • At BSB International, believes Employees are not just employees but are a part of the company.So company believes that if employees are healthy, it will leads to a healthy environment,where company will also grow.
  • So,if you are a top performer in the Green Zone, company will reward you & pay for your monthly Gym Membership fees,in the gym of your choice in Kolkata, so that you can focus on your fitness along with the work.
  • With these extra investments into an employee’s wellness, BSB International is not only encouraging but promoting a healthy workforce with multiple benefits


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