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  • BSB International believes wholeheartedly in the well-being of its employees,& is very thoughtful when it comes to rewarding top performers.Life doesn’t begin and end in BSB office for a top performer and company’s policies reflect that.
  • BSB international believes that recreation & entertainment is equally important in the well-being of employees and has positive effect on the performance of employees.If top performers are happy, they can play a very important role in the company’s growth. Happy employees will ensure quality services.
  • BSB International offers comprehensive benefits to employees that gives them the opportunity to enjoy movies with their family& children. So when top performers in Green Zone contribute & perform, they gain a lot from the company.
  • The company believes in creating the right environment for its top performers in green Zone. Good employees thrive at work, & company takes all initiatives to keep employees excited about their work & social life, and gives scope of having utmost enjoyment with their family through entertainment.
  • Company offers free movie tickets to employee & their families at a leading multiplex.This gives top performers in Green Zone the opportunity to enjoy their favourite movies along with their family.
  • For employees, these benefits not only brings enjoyment but also work-life balance that increases productivity, which finally leads to work satisfaction and brings loyalty towards the company.
  • BSB International wants all employees to be inspired by the difference company offers & motivates employees with these extra benefits so that they strive towards excellence.


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