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Hotel Jobs in Singapore offering international students to get hands-on exposure in the hotel industry. If you are looking for a Hospitality career, Singapore can bring wide array of opportunities for you that can be the stepping stone for your career in hotel industry.

Country Name: Republic of Singapore

Location: An island and islets in the heart of Southeast Asia, between Malaysia and Indonesia

Area: 716.1 sq km

Population: 5.607 million as of Census 2016

Language: Malay is the official language. Commonly spoken languages are English, Mandarin, Tamil

Religions: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism and Hinduism.

Currency: Singapore Dollar

BSB International career Pvt Ltd, since 2005 is providing the best immigration advice and guidance to interns, who are willing to intern in some of the world best economies and want to build their career in the hotel industry.

Over the years Singapore has evolved as a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Considering the opportunities, Singapore is bringing, our hospitality placement agencies can help you explore the possibilities of education plus internship in a country that gives equal opportunities to immigrants having genuine skills to live, study and work in Singapore.

Singapore hotel job opportunities will not only bring you the scope of building your confidence but also develop your interpersonal skills.

Country which has a high reputation for its free trade economy offers a pleasant environment to interns like you. So, if you are looking for a paid internship in Singapore, the programme can help you in learning different working styles of the hotel industry, which is very important in today’s global economy.

Singapore hotel job opportunities can definitely make your resume look more attractive for future employers & can add great value to your resume.

As a reputed hotel and catering recruitment agencies we can guide you with wide array of Internships that will become the pillars for your successful career.

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Living in Singapore

Do you know Singapore government taxes are much lower compared to most countries (Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom) offering similar programmes?. This can increase your chances of earning higher income and make more savings. Isn’t that exciting?

Living and working in Singapore with a hotel management job will be just very comfortable and easy for you. Factually,when it comes to living standards Singapore offers the highest quality of living to its people amongst South East Asian countries.

As per the Global Competitiveness Report-2016–2017, Singapore has come in the second position in terms of productivity and prosperity levels of a specific country.This undoubtedly is motivating and encouraging more interns like you to look for chef jobs in Singapore.

Skill shortage in Singapore

  • If you are looking for a professional work atmosphere that can give you an international work experience, hospitality jobs in Singapore is the right opportunity for you.
  • International talents are constantly in demand as Singapore faces severe challenges with local talents specially with Hospitality, IT, finance and software engineering sector.The country greatly depends on foreign skilled workers for its management positions
  • In such a situation securing a Singapore hotel job work permit becomes easy for interns like you. Landing an opportunity in such a skill shortage occupation can just completely change your career and greatly add to your resume.
  • Singapore hotel job opportunities has a lot to offer and can increase your chances of getting employment in the country. The country constantly encourages recruitment of foreign interns for the expansion of their businesses.


If you love adventure there are lots of opportunities for you to explore in Singapore especially in and across surrounding areas.

You can get the wonderful opportunity to experience the Asian culture and enjoy the natural environment in Marina Bay Sands Skylark, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Universal Studios Singapore

The city has green trees, countless small and large parks, garden’s, buildings and city life for you to enjoy and relax.

So whether you are traveling  home to meet your friends or family, or are off to explore any other place, a Jobs in hotel industry will gives you constant easy access to each and every place that you wish to travel and connect to.

Perfect blend of East and West

Do you know Chinese New Year, Diwali or Christmas are celebrated with equal enthusiasm. The benefits and experience of living in a multicultural environment in a country like Singapore is immense and greatly gives you the chance to expand your professional network and make contacts in the hotel industry.

So, if you are a foodie and love trying out different cuisines.Hospitality jobs in Singapore can help you to choose food from a wide range of choices with local delicacies. Starting with French, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Swedish to others.

Moreover, if you are sports lover. Singapore is the country. The country hosts one of the most popular racing events across the globe i.e. Formula 1needless to explain what it is.

Your Home away from home:

Singapore is just like your home away from home. It takes around 5 hours to reach Singapore from India by flight. Mostly pleasant and sunny weather and adequate rainfall throughout the year makes it the best play to stay. Thanks to its warm and humid climate–something you will not often find in Western countries which will make you feel exotic.

Do you know Singapore is a safe place to live as it has recorded the lowest crime rate in 30 years as highlighted by the Assistant Commissioner of Police.This will be a big support for you to move freely throughout the country. Public alertness about crimes, has allowed the country to fight crimes successfully.

Work environment

If you want a professional work environment which is well-known across the world, Singapore is the place to be for you, which is not only famous for its dynamic infrastructure,but has been ranked at the top in terms of ease of doing business.

An internship in Singapore will give you scope to brush up your skills through training and will help you to deliver exceptional customer service in leading hotels

You will not only enjoy working with a Cook jobs in Singapore, but will give you a platform to work with leading International hotels and understand the unique work culture of the hotel industry.

So,if you are looking for a booming career with a Hotel jobs abroad. Singapore undoubtedly is the place to be as it will teach you the discipline and working style that is just required for Hotel management jobs.

Leading Business Hub of Asia:

Singapore is surely a hot spot for foreign interns like you looking for a hospitality career.Singapore is considered to be a prosperous country with an open economy that shines through trade and tourism.

Singapore undoubtedly serves as the region’s international air hub having one of the world’s busiest airports connecting places easily.

Please connect with our chef recruitment agency for more information as presently we have lot of jobs opportunities for the right talent in the hotel industry.Our reputed hospitality staffing agency can give you a glimpse of the benefits and your journey at Singapore when you visit our office.

The duration of Hospitality internship programme in Singapore is 12 months which includes Six Months Hospitality Training & Six Months Work Placement.Hotel jobs in Singapore giving you an opportunity to learn as well as earn during the duration of the internship.

There are certain eligibility criteria for Jobs in Singapore for Indian in hotels. It will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience for you if you meet the eligibility criteria and can help you to learn about the business of hotels industry.

Preferred requirements for paid internship in Singapore includes

  • Interns should be 17 years of age for securing an internship in Singapore.
  • Interns must possess High School certificate at the time of admission.
  • Must have good communication Skills

The above Academic Qualification in Singapore are very important requirements for students applying for Hospitality Jobs in Singapore.

According to Singapore Immigration norms, authorizes an intern to undertake education plus internship opportunity in Singapore with an internship visa that includes professional grooming session and on job training opportunities in leading hotels.

The process of obtaining visa will be easy for you if you have proper documentation and experience as a professional, who is not only confident but passionate about making positive contributions in the hotel industry.

As a leading hotel recruitment agency, we can guide you with the entire visa application process and assist you with your travel so that you can gain a solid practical experience that will lay the foundations for your career.

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According to Singapore Immigration regulations, securing a visa for hotel jobs in Singapore can take around 3 to 6 months.

  • Are you willing to earn as well as learn something new, and reinvent yourself in a foreign country? Internships in Singapore undoubtedly can help you to earn along with getting exposure in different areas of hotel work.
  • Paid internship Singapore, can offer a stipend of 800 to 1200 (SGD) Singapore dollars for education + internship opportunities considering the working experience  of the candidate.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity where you can learn as well as earn and deeply understand the hospitality industry, we as a chef recruitment agency can  guide you about the education and internship opportunities in Singapore and the wages being offered.

We believe in quality service and not quantity and we are here only to bring opportunities for you. As of now, there are plenty of opportunities and openings in different departments of hotel management jobs in Singapore.

Below is the company list where you can expect internship after 6-months of your grooming session:

As reputed hospitality employment agencies, we work with leading international hotels and top universities and colleges in Singapore. If you connect with us we can help you locate this opportunity just for you. We believe in only providing quality service and not quantity and don’t compromise with our services.

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  • The country is alive with people and activities throughout the day and night. Singapore is a clean country which is well known as a Garden City and the country is a perfect blend of Western modern culture and Asian culture. Hospitality career in Singapore can help you get first-hand knowledge of behaviours, customs of other cultures and scope to learn in a multicultural environment.
  • If you are looking for a safe country to live, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the best options as Percentage of crimes in Singapore is less compared to any other country. The country follows a no-tolerance  policy towards corruption making it easier for you to move freely within the country and explore places of cultural heritage like, museums, theme parks, or lush gardens with more energy and vigour.
  • Singapore hotel job opportunities will give you an opportunity to visit other countries which is located within close proximity and live with cultures like Malay, Chinese,Eurasians, Japanese, Thais, Burmese, Filipinos and others.This means you can visit, enjoy and experience some of the beautiful countries located just around the corner like Malaysia,Thailand with your friends and learn each other’s culture.
  • The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates (3%) amongst developed  cities which is undoubtedly a big pride for the country creating more work opportunities. If you really want to develop your skills and abilities, Hotel career in Singapore will enhance your work experience and give it a professional look.
  • The country constantly finds  ways which makes the working easier for you.To this end, the Singapore has introduced several initiatives which benefits interns like you to strike the necessary work/life balance. Singapore hotel job opportunities provides Free Accommodation and food to interns during their Internship in Singapore
  • Singapore will give you an opportunity to learn as well as apply classroom teachings with on job training opportunity in 2 sessions i.e. 6 months of grooming sessions (meeting the International Hospitality Standards), followed by another 6 months of paid Internship in Singapore. You will be resourceful and independent after the completion of internship which can open new creative channels for you.
  • After the completion of work placement (12 Months), if the host company finds you committed, focussed, hard working with an exceptional sense of work standards, you can be fortunate to be able to apply for S Pass or E Pass Visa as per Singapore Immigration norms. In such a situation an employee can expect a hike in the salary that can go up to 3200 SGD.
  • On completion of the internship, you will become eligible to secure 2 years of Singapore hotel job Work permit, making your resume more marketable in the competitive market. Securing a job in Singapore can greatly help you to get solid work experience in the hotel industry, which can greatly open doors of opportunities for you
  • Interns with paid internships in Singapore can enjoy flexible working atmosphere in a country which is not only diverse but colourful. You can enjoy the luxuries of living in a country which has easy access to the rest of Asia.

For more information, please connect with our Hospitality placement agencies as we will guide you about the benefits of the programme and help you find positions matching your requirements and eligibility.

Our years of experience as a hotel recruitment agency and our expertise, skills and knowledge and good relations with all our stakeholders and has helped in reinforcing our network with Top Five Star Hotels and our esteemed clients who has made it all possible.

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