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Hospitality jobs in Bahrain undoubtedly giving a rewarding experience to an intern with high quality of life in a relaxed, cosmopolitan environment.More than 68% of immigrants enjoy higher disposable income in Bahrain, making it one of the most sought after destination.


Capital: Manama

Largest City: Manama

Official Language: Arabic

Religion: Islam

Area: 750 sq. Km

Population: 1,234,596 (2010 estimates)

Currency: Bahraini dinar

B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd being one of the leading immigration, abroad training consultancies in India can help you locate internship opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain which is a small Arab monarchy and the third smallest nation in Asia after Maldives and Singapore.

It’s estimated that the hospitality and tourism industry in Bahrain will expand in the next few years creating opportunities of endless international internship program just for you and we as a hospitality staffing agency can bring those opportunities just for you.

Government of Bahrain is undertaking lot of initiatives to promote the tourism industry with the slogan ‘Ours.Yours”.This initiative has been undertaken to popularize Bahrain as a destination amongst Chinese and Indian Tourists.Growth of tourism industry leading to expansion of more hotels creating demand for skilled workers.

If you are looking for Hotel recruitment in Bahrain, we can help you locate the internship opportunity which offers affordable cost of living compared to other GCC countries. According to a survey conducted by HSBS highlighted that 70% of the immigrants were able to save money while earning making way for great career growth opportunities.

We as a leading International hospitality recruitment agencies work closely with leading international hotel chains in Bahrain to ensure that interns get adequate exposure for training opportunities.Our recruitment agency for hospitality industry not only guides but helps interns in advancing their career with an Internship abroad.

You will get a variety of positions to choose from which are not only unique but will help you to learn about the work and culture.Presently the following requirements are available for Hospitality jobs in Bahrain.

  • F & B Service
  • F & B Production
  • Front office
  • Housekeeping department

Jobs in Bahrain Hotel definitely giving you the chance to contribute fruitfully in the growth and development of the hotel industry.

  • Do you know the international internship programme is considered to be one of the best in Bahrain.
  • Education + Hospitality Internship bringing an exciting opportunity for you to learn and work for about 12 months in order to finally complete the programme (which includes 3 months training and 9 months Hospitality Paid Internship
  • After 12 months you will get hotel management certificate from college.

If you are looking to participate in an outstanding internship program which has scope for on job training and learning definitely Paid internships in Bahrain is the best option for you.

International work exposure in a foreign country will open doors of opportunities for you to earn a handsome salary.

  • Interns looking for hotel management jobs  should be minimum 17 years old.
  • Hospitality jobs in Bahrain expects an intern to have a High School certificate at the time of admission.
  • Jobs in Hotel Industry expects interns to have good communication skills

To know more about the benefits please connect with our hotel and catering recruitment agencies for more information. Being one of the hospitality placement agencies, we don’t compromise with our services and we try to understand the requirements of interns.

Booming Economy

  • Chef jobs in Bahrain can expose you to a new culture which is a perfect blend of both Arabian and Persian culture.The culture can play a significant role in diversifying your thoughts and values and in framing your lifestyle in Bahrain.
  • Jobs in hotel industry can greatly help you to follow your passion along with work in the hotel industry.A successful career in turn can help you to reach your career goals and help boost the Bahrain’s economy.
  • With expansion of Hospitality industry Bahrain has adopted a dynamic approach towards economy.Since the year 1930 economy of Bahrain is moving fast with the vast oil reserves making it a prosperous country.

Living in Bahrain 

  • Hotel management jobs can help your profile make stand out amongst other candidates.High standards of living, strong multicultural interactions and experience of working in leading hotels meeting international standards, will add your profile more value.
  • Exciting experiences will give you scope to enjoy the Qalat al-Bahrain an archaeological site, as well as an opportunity to experience the great Al Fateh Mosque, The King Fah Causeway connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
  • Bahrain is quite generous and considerate with Interns living in Bahrain.Reasons making Bahrain one of the popular destinations amongst interns is its welcoming attitude.

Opportunities for Students-Education + Internship 

  • Are you looking for a hospitality career in Bahrain.You can get diverse opportunities from hotel jobs abroad in different departments of Hotel Management amongst many others.
  • Bahrain is silently promoting itself as a tourism and events destination creating extensive and endless opportunities for people looking for jobs in Bahrain hotel. You will get scope to learn and work in a country which will make you more self reliant and independent. 
  • Hotels are growing at a fast pace with the emerging economy to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry which can help you respond to the demands of the market.In the year 2016, tourist arrivals crossed 12.2 million, the third largest arrival numbers in the GCC, according to the Bahrain Economic Development Board.

As a leading Hospitality staffing agency, we can assist interns in exploring opportunities and help them in getting an international exposure in Bahrain. Being one of the best hospitality placement agencies, our success greatly depends on the efficiency of our staff and our commitment towards the work which keeps us going.

  • Landing Hospitality jobs in Bahrain can help you to interact with diverse group of people from different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds where Buddhist temples, Christian churches, and Muslim mosques are sitting side-by-side for years.Bahrain despite having Arab root offers a multicultural, cosmopolitan and liberal environment to interns which can help them in building a network of professional contacts with work in the hotel industry.
  • If you are looking for an international working experience, especially in a wealthy country like Bahrain, where the discovery of oil has led to rapid modernization, can give you enormous scope to expand your business knowledge about the hotel industry.
  • Bahrain is undoubtedly the coolest country amongst leading Arab nations & considered to be one of the most liberal Islamic country.You get the scope to experience a brand-new country with modern Arab culture and  experience adventures such as the Spring of Culture and the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix which can be very entertaining for you.
  • Well known for its friendly culture, 3 months of training and 9 months of paid Internship in one of the best places to live, & work accepted globally can give you a completely rewarding experience and give your career a big boost.
  • If you want to enjoy a high standard of living and earn a handsome salary Paid Internship in Bahrain can change your life completely in a country considered to be the financial center of the Middle East

If you wish to pursue a hospitality career in Bahrain you will definitely need an Internship visa to pursue an Education+Internship programme in Bahrain.

As per Bahrain Immigration norms,you can take up the internship for a time period of 12 months i.e. that includes (3 months grooming session and 9 months internship).

After 1-year, you will be able to get a 2-year extended work Visa in GCC countries including Kuwait,the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman except Saudi Arabia

Our chef recruitment agency can help you and provide complete support with the visa documentation procedure.

For more information visit

Interested in getting a first-hand experience of working in a leading hotel which can give you wide exposure in various aspect of a Hotel. Jobs in Bahrain hotel can give you that golden opportunity.

Hospitality jobs in Bahrain giving a lifetime opportunity to earn a handsome and a good amount of stipend i.e. around $275-$1200 USA per month.This stipend amount includes free food and accommodation from Host company.

Below is the company list where you can get internship after 3 months of grooming:

According to Bahrain Immigration norms, an intern is allowed to take part in an international internship programme in Bahrain.It takes about 2-4 months for the entire process to complete.

According to Bahrain Immigration norms an intern involved with hotel management job in Bahrain is allowed to work for not more than 32 to 40 hours per week during the internship programme.

An exciting and rewarding work environment with endless opportunities for personal and professional growth is waiting for you at Bahrain.

To know more about the duty hours, benefits about the Bahrain programme please get in touch with us as we are a leading hospitality placement agency. As an overseas recruitment agencies we are fully committed in bringing positive learning cum training opportunities for our interns and our guidance greatly helps in building their confidence for an abroad internship programme.

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