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South African Immigration allows an immigrant to stay and reside in South Africa and get permanent residency.The country is considered to be the most developed economy within the continent with its solid business environment and quality of living standards.

South African Immigration Laws are very favourable and positive when it comes to welcoming skilled workers. Thanks to globalisation, the country has been introducing various initiatives and schemes for skilled workers, allowing them to easily work in the country. With South Africa having a comparatively less unemployment rate, the country offers a wide range of temporary residence permits, an ideal condition for overseas immigration.

Perhaps the most well-known sporting event in history, the 2010 edition of the FIFA World cup was held in South Africa, pushing the country on to the world stage, something which was unprecedented in the country’s history. The event greatly boosted the nation’s economy as more and more tourists from several countries worldwide started pouring in to witness the World Cup. As a result, a considerable degree of employment opportunities arrived, both in the tourism as well as construction sectors.


Republic of South Africa


Population -50.7 million

Area-1.22 Million square km

Major Languages-English. Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana, Xhosa and Zulu

Religions-Christianity, Islam, Indigenous Beliefs.


South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent.South Africa is quite popular amongst international tourists especially for its diverse topography, considerable natural beauty, astonishing wildlife, exotic safaris and spectacular culture.Millions of people are moving to South Africa considering its one of the most diverse countries in the world with its paramount range of experiences.

The country provides dynamic labour market coupled with excellent infrastructure.South Africa is well respected across nations for its belief to stand up against any injustice and its respect for human rights,which makes it unique as a country for work.

We as the leading immigration consultants in India have supported diverse group of people with their immigration requirements in South Africa.What makes us different amongst others is our processes which are transparent, and client friendly.

Our objective has always been to help individuals acquire immigration and advise our clients about how to immigrate to South Africa and about South African immigration laws so that clients can obtain visa.

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  • South Africa is basically a cosmopolitan area and with its stunning natural beauty and a relaxed lifestyle it attracts people to settle in South Africa.The white sandy beaches, wildlife, along with world-class infrastructure will make it undoubtedly the most desired destinations in the world for migration.
  • South African immigration will give you an opportunity to enjoy and immerse in the temperate climate of the country. Moreover South Africa is quite famous and well known for its ethnic and cultural diversity which over years has evolved its own distinguishing art. UNESCO World-class sites that includes Robben Island, the Cradle of Humankind, and the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park makes it an ideal destination for relocating to South Africa.
  • Tourism industry in South Africa has lot of potential for economic growth. According to Ministry of Tourism in South Africa more than 10 million international tourists visited South Africa in the year 2016 from distant countries.Domestic tourism on the other hand has contributed more than 52% of the total revenue effectively, for the growth and development of the country making it one of the hotspot destinations for people looking for overseas Immigration.
  • A high-quality standard of living along with comparatively lower cost of living than western countries makes South Africa undoubtedly an destination for people looking for South African residence permit. 
  • South African Immigration laws are quite flexible towards welcoming skilled workers. The country is taking initiatives to introduce schemes for skilled workers allowing them to easily work in the country as there is less unemployment rate. It offers a wide array of temporary residence permits that makes the journey to South Africa easy for overseas immigration.
  • The FIFA World Cup 2010 held in South Africa was an eye-opener in the country’s history itself as it greatly boosted the economy of the country too an considerable extent leading to employment opportunities in tourism and construction sectors.

We have a team of leading expert advisors who are legally trained to advice, and guide you related to abroad immigration services.We are considered to be one of the top immigration consultants in India and we ensure that due process are followed so that we can help our clients realize their dream of South African Immigration.

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To get access to South African residency, there is one visa which allows foreigners to settle in South Africa. That includes:

South Africa Critical Skills Work Visas

Critical skills work visa –Skill shortage in South Africa is rampant especially in case of specific occupations. The critical work visa authorizes a candidate to immigrate to South Africa, provided they have the necessary qualifications and skills. This visa allows an individual to enter and stay in South Africa with a job opportunity for a maximum period of 5 years.

The Critical Skills list has come into effect; mainly to address the problem of skill shortage.South African migration policy has laid down few occupations which are on the priority list that requires skilled professionals. 

Moving to South Africa with one of these occupations will benefit the individual and will make it easy to secure the South African residence permit.

List of Critical skills needed in South Africa are as follows;

  • Architecture
  • Agriculture, Agricultural Operations
  • Health Professions
  • Business, Economics and Management Studies
  • Information Communication & Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Academics and Researchers

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To know in details about the critical skills list please connect with our agency as its considered reliable, transparent and trustworthy amongst the list of top immigration consultants in India.

  1. Relocating to South Africa requires a candidate to show documentary evidence and records that the individual has the necessary qualifications, knowledge, expertise; information (as listed by the critical skills list) required to work in a South Africa company.
  1. According to South African immigration policy, the profession of the individual must be registered with a recognized professional body in South Africa.
  1. Evidence of registration has to be submitted while making the visa application.
  1. Academic qualifications is throughly evaluated by the professional body SAQA to check if the qualifications fall under South Africa skills shortage. 
  1. This visa allows an individual in South Africa to legally work for a period of up to five years.

To know more about the criteria’s please connect with our South African immigration consultants in India as our immigration services are backed by our years of experience and credibility in the market. The main goal of our services has been to provide individuals with the right advice and guidance regarding South African Immigration.

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According to South African Migration policy, critical skill work visa requires the following documentation work;

  • Filled in online application form
  • Passport
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Proof of a job offer that falls under the South Africa Critical Skills list
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover living expenses for Migration in South Africa.
  • A cash deposit to cover deportation costs
  • Medical reports issued within 6 months
  • Police verified Records and certificates
  • Proof of registration with relevant professional organisation in South Africa (only required for certain professions)
  • A certificate of evaluation issued by the South African Qualifications Authority for any foreign degrees.

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According to South African immigration norms, authorizes an individual to apply for South African Residence Permit, provided they have worked in the country for about for 5 years with a general work visa.

On the other hand Critical Skills Work Visa holders with 5 years of working experience in their sector can immediately apply for South African Residency.

  • Relocating to South Africa can give you an opportunity for permanent residency.
  • If you get South African permanent residence, you will get the benefit of obtaining citizenship in one of the safest countries and tolerant one and will be able vote in the general elections of the country.
  • South African permanent residence will entitle you to excellent private healthcare facilities in South Africa which is at par with any of the best in Europe and the States .

Our immigration consultant takes great pride in offering top-notch immigration consultancy services to our clients from across the globe. Successful feedback from our clients over the years along with the reference and recommendation of our quality service makes us very happy and content.

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